You are visiting the website for the on-line support group; TTPNetwork.
TTPNetwork supports patients with the condition Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP).

We also support family, friends and medical staff. We are UK based but we have visitors from around the world.
On this site you will find information and sources of help for TTP, including documents to help when travelling abroad, links to best practice guidelines and the opportunity to make contact with others dealing with TTP.

Our aim is to offer a network of support for anyone dealing with the rare blood disorder – TTP.


To be a useful source of TTP information for patients, friends, and families.


Provide contact between patients so they can support each other as a group.


Patient champion for TTP diagnosis and treatment across the UK and across the world.

Latest Articles

Upcoming – TTP Bridgathon 2018

Join us on Sunday 16 September 2018 for our annual sponsored walk, that takes in some of the most iconic sites in London.  Please put the date in your diary now!  Friends and family are welcome to join in on this fun day and you don’t need to power walk the route, just go at…

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Houda El-Houry Webster

Houda was born in Lebanon and was diagnosed with lupus when she was only nineteen years old.  She never ‘suffered’ with the disease.  Instead, she probably lived life more fully because of it. She loved to travel and would always make the most of the moment she was in.  We never even knew she was…

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