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September 30, 2020

David’s Story

At first I thought I had a bad cold and sleeping a lot, and then getting chest pains and my urine was very dark. I went to my doctors seen the nurse practitioner she said it’s a cold and my chest pains were indigestion and my urine was because I was dehydrated. She gave me tablets few more days went by still not getting any better get worse. I came home from work fell asleep. When my partner came home she knew something was not right so rang 111. We went to the hospital seen the doctor he was worried about my urine being so dark did test I had blood in it so he admitted my into hospital I spent just over 3 weeks in hospital 10 days off that was do to my hospital not knowing what i had and being treated for ITP. Which almost killed me as by the time they new what I had and rush me to Bristol Royal Infirmary.

I was at death’s door and had a heart attack and brain seizure had to be resuscitated and induced in to a coma and they were not sure if I would recover from it or what state I would come out off it so I’d say more training needs to be done so they can spot it and treat it I feel like I’ve had my whole life taken from me as can’t do much now like I use to before my whole body aches get headaches fatigue memory loss and I get stressed and angry lot more now.