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July 16, 2020

Tribute to Dr Shafi

Covid-19 has left many families devastated by the unexpected and early passing of loved ones. Among the people who have died due to the disease are frontline and key workers, including those, in our NHS, we depend upon to care for us in our time of need. This is a tribute to one such respected individual.

In May, Dr Tariq Shafi, aged 61, sadly passed away after contracting Covid-19. Dr Shafi had spent the last 13 years as the lead consultant for haematology at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent.

In his time practising Dr Shafi must have treated thousands of patients with blood disorders and some of those he treated have shared their gratitude and kind thoughts.

I am writing this as I am one of the people who benefited from the care provided by Dr Shafi, and the team at Darenth Valley Hospital. I would go so far as saying that

Dr Shafi’s intervention ultimately saved my life.

Back, in 2016 I turned up in Dr Shafi’s care after being admitted, from accident and emergency, presenting with low platelets and low haemoglobin levels. Given blood and plasma, Dr Shafi then broke the news to me and my wife that I might have something called aTTP.  He then informed me that he was referring me to University College London Hospital (UCLH).

I am under no illusion that Dr Shafi’s judgement as to what was wrong with me meant that I survived my encounter with aTTP. His decisiveness, on that day, put me into the care of the specialist haematology team at UCLH who nursed me back to health.

My interaction with Dr Shafi albeit brief is long lasting – in my eyes, and those of many others, he is a true hero. My heartfelt thanks and thoughts go to his family, his colleagues at DVH & the haematologists at UCLH.

Jamie Blackshaw

Tribute from Professor Scully

It is so sad to hear of the tragic passing of Dr Shafi. He was a true professional and an excellent haematologist, respected by patients and colleagues